Serverless functions are one the most interesting things that is happening in architecture of application development. With Serverless, application developers can stop worry about the underlying infrastructure and scalability of the application, but they must address other risks at application level. In this podcast we are interviewing Puresec CTO, Ory Segal , co-author of the top 12 risks to serverless applications

Guest: Ory Segal, CTO and Co-Founder, PureSec


00:00 – 02:35 intro
02:35 – 08:05 what are Serverless functions
08:05- 12:20 how Serverless is different (security wise)
12:20 – 19:40 Serverless risks & threats
19:40 – 24:00 common mistakes and misconfiguration with Serverless
24:00 – 29:30 Serverless effect on people, process and technology
29:30 – 37:00 Summary and conclusions

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