The first generation of cloud services began about 15 years ago and stretched until now, but it came with many built-in challenges due to lack of maturity and the fact that security was added on top and not present from the start. In this episode we talk with Eran Feigenbaum, CISO of Oracle cloud about the next generation of cloud services – how can we build cloud that is more secure, immuned to miss-configuration and other pitfalls that are relevant to today’s cloud services.

Guest: Eran Feigenbaum, CSO, Oracle Cloud



0:00 – Introducing our guest

5:40 Generation one of cloud infrastructure

8:40 – so what is second generation of cloud infrastructure

10:30 – how Oracle is planning to change the cloud market

11:40 – how second generation cloud services can help with common mistakes such as misconfiguration

13:35 – what cloud provider should do in order to increase security

16:05 – how cloud providers can  be proactive with their customers

19:00 – handling miss-configuration such as open buckets and lost API’s keys

23:40 – summary and last words

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