Payu, a global fintech gaint acquired Zooz , a small payment startup.  In this episode we talk with Ori Troyna, Global head of product security at Payu about the challenges that such a merger between two very different companies with different engineering methodologies and how they cope with those challenges


Guest: Ori Troyna, global head of product security at Payu



1:14 – Ori introduces himself

11:40 – challenges of merging small companies into financial giants. Integrating different technologies stacks into one. 

 18:33 – how to build the organizational structure the consolidate the different companies and technology stacks

 21:30 – understanding the acquisition considerations of PayU and its effect on security considerations 

 27:00 – solving the consolidation challenges – the people angel. Moving to tribes and clans and providing security goals

 34:30 – the difference between product security and IT security 

 36:00 – solving the consolidation challenges – the process angel. How to integrate different tribes and clans to create one joint development backlog and mature devops 

 46:40 – solving the consolidation challenges – the technology angel. Building global infrastructure that support multiple projects 

53:22 – summary and last words

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