Application Secret management is becoming one of the biggest challenges for application security. With cloud, CI/CD and microservices architecture we discover that we are using a growing number of encryption keys, API keys, SSH keys tokens and connection strings. In this episode we talk with Oded HarEven, Founder at A-Key-Less about what is secret managment, what are the challenges of secret management and what is the the best way to build secure secret management solution.


Guest: Oded Hareven, Founder & CEO at  A-Key-Less



0:00 – 1:40 – Intro and introducing our guest

1:40 – 6:00 – Application secret management  – defining what secret is, and what is secret management

6:00 – 9:47 – Challenges with encryption keys

9:47 – 12:30 – How to handle application secret management and encryption keys – requirements and best practices

12:30 – 20:10 – Zero trust in key management – what does it mean and how to implement it

20:10 – 25:25 – The process of integrating keys with cloud platform

25:25 – 27:35 – A-Key-Less state of the market approach

27:35 – 30:45 – Summary and conclusions


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