In the past years we have reached important progress in authentication. Multi factor authentication and Identity  Federation solved many of the identity authentication challenges. So it is now time to focus on the second aspect of Identity & Access Management – the aspect of Identity Authorization.  In this podcast we are talking with Tsachi Lutaty, CTO at PlainID, about the move from Role based access controls to Policy based access controls and how organizations can better engineer their authorization scheme and policies.


Guest: Tsachi Lutaty, CTO at PlainID



0:41 – Introducing our guest

1:25Introducing PlainID 

2:45 – Authorization challenges – what are modern authorization challenges

8:00Role based access control vs. Attribute / Policy  based access control 

15:30Existing authorization standards  

18:58How can we better engineer authorization system – The technology angle

26:15How can we better engineer authorization system – The process angle

29:30How can we better engineer authorization system – The people angle

32:50 – Summary and final words

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