Fintech companies drive cloud security forward by setting the highest bar of requirements on cloud providers. In this episode we talk with Nir Valtman, Product security leader at Finastra about the challenges of Fintech companies and dive into API Authentication and Authorization best practices and building eco-system that can support trust between banks and young fintech companies


Guest: Nir Valtman



0:00 – 02:40Intro and introducing our guest

02:40 – 04:50Introducing Finastra and the challenges of traditional banks with modern fintech

4:50 – 8:45Building API platforms for banks. Challenges, security considerations and solutions

08:45 – 12:30Creating trust between banks and fintech companies – validating applications end to end security from the fintech to the banks

12:30 – 19:30Authenticating & Authorizing API requests on banking platforms. Methods, challenges and common use cases

19:30 – 25:35Detecting anomalies detection and analyzing API’s on top of cloud platforms

25:35 – 28:25The challenges of application secret management with partners

28:25 – 30:24Tips for fintech companies



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