Cloud providers has invested heavily in adding visibility, monitoring and logging capabilities of networking  and administrative activities. In this session with talk with Shira Shamban, a cloud security expert from Check Point about the challenges of collecting the different logs exist in cloud platforms  and the challenges of gaining insights from them.


Guest: Shira Shamban



0:00 – 11:55 – Introducing Shira and her activities in CheckPoint and community activities (Security-Diva, CSA Top Threat working group, OWASP-IL) 

11:55-19:45 – Introducing the challenges of cloud log management: enabling correctly,  long term storage, analysis challenges, lack of info 

19:45 – 21:25 – The challenges of monitoring cloud assets using IP addresses 

21:25 – 24:20 – How to properly do cloud based log collection: Enrichment, external threat service

24:20 – 28:05 – Values of log visualization 

28:05 – 31:21 – Log storage management

31:21 – 35:00 – Summary and last words

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