The Cloud Octagon Model is a new framework for cloud adoption (mostly SaaS adoption). The model was designed in cooperation between ABN-Amro and the Cloud Security Alliance and assists organizations to identify, represent, and assess risks in the context of their cloud implementation across multiple factors by introducing a logical approach to holistically dealing with security aspects involved in moving to the cloud.


Guest: Olaf Streutker



0:00 – 8:10 – Intro and introducing the guest and ABN Amro cloud adoption methodology

8:10 – 11.28 – The evolution of the Cloud Octagon Model and basic concepts

11:28 – 15:30 – How ABN-Amro are dealing with IaaS/PaaS vs. SaaS

15:30 – 20.30 – The different phases of the Cloud Octagon Model: Classification

20.30 – 24:20 – Core banking applications in the cloud

24.20 – 31.20 – The different phases of the Cloud Octagon Model

31.20 – 33.05 – Summary and conclusions


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