Chapter 5: How R&D and Security Should Co-Exist

One of the biggest challenges facing software companies is how to make sure security policy is enforced across the development cycle without holding R&D ability to innovate. In this episode, Guy Flechter from Appsflyer, will elaborate on the way he  is providing R&D guidelines and support while keeping them motivated and committed to security.


Guest: Guy Flechter,  CISO at AppsFlyer



00:00 – 10:29 – Intro and introducing Appsflyer and its digital business

10:29 – 14.20 – Understanding Appsflyer underlying technology and security challenges

14:20 – 19:55 – “We came in peace” Building security foundation at Appsflyer – understanding Guy’s methodology

19:55 –  27:40 – The people angle: Building the right team and how to work efficiently with R&D team. 

27.40 – 37.10 – The technology angel:  How to make sure developers don’t need security in everyday life, but they are still on the right tracks

37.10 – 40.25The process angel: building developers autonomy

40.25 – 53.00 – Summary and conclusion

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