The silver Lining podcast was created for software and security architects, by software and security architects

Moshe Ferber

Moshe Ferber – veteran entrepreneur, popular industry speaker and cloud security evangelist. Working on building the next generation of cyber security services. In his 20 years of experience in information security, Moshe served as high ranking manager in large entrerprises, founder of innovative startups, frequent lecturer at cyber conferences and major contributor to various cloud education programs and certifications.

Ariel Munafo

Ariel Munafo – High Profile Consulting and Cloud Evangelist, Founder of IsraelClouds, Manage the Cloud Computing israeli Forum of Knowledge under the Prime Minister Office. Long record as a Developer, BI and DBA and Cloud Solution Architect, Manager Several CCoE Team including the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Israel. Personal Consultant to CIO, CEO and CTOs.