Silver Lining

…Cause every cloud got a silver lining….

The podcast for Security Architecture

The world of software development has changed rapidly in the last years due to various factors –   Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, CI/CD & DevOps – they all changed the way we build new applications. Young startups today got access to enterprise-grade infrastructure enabling them to produce scalable, robust applications faster and cheaper. But as companies innovate faster, security challenges arise. The security community has not mastered yet the full art of developing software fast, at scale, and secure and variety of companies still struggle to found the right foundation for their security posture.

SilverLining podcast was created to help you do just that – find the right combination of people, processes, and technologies to build more secure and reliable services. We will focus on the latest development in infrastructure and software development and talk with people who mastered how to secure those. In each episode, we will host an expert for discussion on the security aspects of new technologies and provide insights, best practices, and knowledge in creating more secure software architecture.

Episode 20: The dark side of Privacy

In this episode we talk with Menny about Privacy: why it's hard to define what is privacy in modern age, what people miss in the concepts of privacy & how this affects our lives.

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Episode 18: Testing Cloud Application

In this episode we are talk with Bar Hofesh from Neurolegion about the world of automated security testing: challenges, different stages of integrations and how to perform correctly.

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